As the weather is terrible for the past few weeks and I cannot go anywhere but work on my web sites, I am starting to dig out materials from past hikes and travels…
One of the sites that I was most excited about was definitely the alleged UFO landing site at The Pag Triangle near Novalja. So, that was a great reason to drive for over an hour to very unique Pag Island! Cross the bridge in Rtina and you are in totally different place!
The Pag Triangle is located just before Metajna and the ruins of ancient Caska. There are signs by the road and the gate that you have to open in order to get in the Triangle area…

Open the gates to the mystery!

Once there, don’t pull over but drive for as long as there is a road. About one kilometer or so. There, at the end of that road, you will see a place where to park and then continue up the road and follow the signs. The path is clearly marked.

The road ends at the summit...

The road to the triangle can hardly be called a road or even a path. The rocks are very sharp and make sure you wear good footwear. Expect about 30 – 40 minute walk to the actual triangle as the rocks are extremely sharp and hard to walk on!

Everyone goes to the Triangle!

The landscape is really surreal! You don’t find this rocky and bare place nowhere else!
And then, after a very careful and slow walk, we reached the Triangle…
I did expect it to be more spectacular but this is the place that was discovered from the air and it can be best seen and experienced from the air. Basically, it was back in 1999. that two pilots discovered a triangle shape. And it looks like the solid surface has been ‘impressed’ from above by a tremendous force, in the shape of a triangle 33x33x32m. No experts can explain how this was created…

The Triangle area - up close and personal

Well… The area is definitely interesting and hard to explain how this was formed. The triangle area is definitely different and made up of small rocks as if someone just took the top layer off. The rest of the rocks surrounding it are much bigger and the distinction is clear and visible. However, it does not look impressive as it is simply too big. It really makes no sense to make something like that in that area and even if you think that the walls in the area have been built from the rocks from that specific site, that still does not make any sense as that would require unnecessary work as the rocks are EVERYWHERE!

See where the triangle ends

As there was nothing else to do or see, we headed back after our short visit. Did not feel any energy, did not see any UFOs, did not meet aliens… only sheep and strong winds up here! And rocks! The desert of pale rocks…

The desert of rocks

…and few flowers that dried in the bura wind…

Fall colors on Pag

There are numerous web sites on the internet about the Pag Triangle and short search will reveal a wealth of all sorts of information. Basically, people would like it to be a UFO site but, in reality, we have no clue what it is and how was it formed. The most bizarre thing about it is it’s weird location – in the middle of nowhere and to experience it, don’t believe in articles and photos, you have to see it yourself. You won’t see Moulder and Scully walking around but you will experience one of the toughest hiking terrains on the planet 🙂

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